Monday, October 15, 2012

Life & Style | The Sky Is Falling

The sky is falling, The sky is falling. At least that is how I feel right now. 

I am gonna be 40 very soon and I am scared. I think I should start my bucket list.

I figure, I have got another 40 years to implement these so I better get cracking.

Here is what I have got in my bucket list so far:

Save more money- I don't want to end up old and poor. That is a bad combo. I should read this book; " Money Class" by Suze Orman and hope for a miracle. 

Exercise more- I have to keep reminding myself that Library has plenty of workout books and DVDs. I would be a fool not to use them. How about this book for a start; " Beat the Gym".

Wear sunblock- and don't forget my hands and neck. 

Write a Will- This is a depressing but I have got to draft one.

Keep in touch with my family and friends more often.

Stop being so Jealous of everyone  - Repeat this after me. Stop being so jealous, stop being so Jealous. It hasn't sunk in yet. 

Start Smoking- Ha-ha- Just wanted to make sure you aren't asleep yet.

Anyway, this morning, I was really sad about approaching 40, so I went online and came across this article by Samantha Ettus called " What to know about turning 40" and after reading it, I felt much better.

So maybe, just maybe, the sky isn't falling after all.

Note to self: This too shall pass.

Signing off for the week- Panteha


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