Monday, September 1, 2014

Just Life | Snake At The Library

The other day at the Troke Library, we hosted Serpentarium. The kids were able to hold different kinds of lizards, a hissing cockroach, a Brazilian Tarantula, and of course a couple of snakes.

There was Crazy legs, the albino snake who was a gentle giant.

There was a hairy Tarantula named Charlotte. I should tell you that the kids including my own were competing against one another to hold her. " What is wrong with these kids?" I asked myself.

Did I tell you that there was a hissing cockroach? That thing was too jumpy. I almost passed out thinking about holding it. But, then again, the kids loved holding it. 

Maybe, I am getting too old.

There was a turtle who loved the children and who wanted the kids to pet her.

The albino snake had this beautifully soft yellow skin and it weighted around 100 pounds. The presenter from Serpentarium was telling us that the snake could easily choke him in a heart beat. I was terrified. He was telling us all of that while the snake was wrapped around his neck.

The albino snake was also drooling non-stop. I think he was surrounded by too many delicious "little critters", if you ask me. Anyway,

The Lodi Serpentarium is at 2379 Maggio Circle in Lodi. 

Go visit them with your "little critters". Your kid will love it. I can guarantee it.

Signing off until next Monday- Panteha