Monday, June 15, 2015

Just Life| Traveling in The Summer

In my opinion, summer is the best time of the year to take a tiny vacation to clear your mind and to get energized.

Waikiki Beach

To enjoy a great vacation in a new city, it is best to have a list of places to visit, a list of places to avoid, and of course, you absolutely need to have a list of great eateries.

I think reading travel books ahead of your trip is the best way to prepare you for what to expect in a new city or a foreign country.

Did you know that your library has plenty of travel books. If you are not in the mood for reading don't worry, your local library also has travel DVDs.

Persian Arts in Louvre

Whether you are taking a day trip or globe trotting this summer, travel books are the best place to start your vacation adventure.

I know you can get a lot of travel info online, but believe me, books are the most reliable source of info. 

Google alone may not give you the best information.

So, on your next trip, don't forget to check out a few travel books from your local library. Here's to wishing you a happy and adventure filled summer.

Top 10 San Francisco

Fodor's 2013 Hawai'i 



Signing off until next week- Panteha