Monday, October 15, 2012

Professor O | Something About Giant Robots: Patlabor, The Mobile Police

Target locked on!

Mecha: A science fiction genre, it usually centers around robots or machines.

Snikt! Snikt! The Professor has been diligently watching many of the great mecha themed anime titles located at the SSJCPL. I must say, fellow adventurer, it is imperative for one who considers themselves an "anime fan" to look into and borrow some of these wonderful titles your library has to offer.  In fact,   it behooves the fanboy.

Now, Professor O has built his share of big robots in his day, and he took many of his ideas from a wonderful anime entitled, Patlabor, The Mobile Police (2005, U.S. Manga Corps). If one is not familiar with the series, it follows the adventures of an elite police squad entrusted in keeping the peace when rogue robots or bad guys decide to have their way in the city, things like that.
An icon of anime: AV-98 "Ingram"
This series was originally released in 1990. The early 90's were great years for anime, the action is fast and the amount of detail in these cartoons show a great deal of craftsmanship. The scope of the stories rival that of Macross/Robotech or the Gundam series.

Patlabor is a must see for any discerning fan of anime. Professor O also liked,  Patlabor: The Movie. You can get that at the SSJCPL, both on DVD.

Until the next one, heroes. Fire up the mecha, and stay locked on!

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