Tuesday, October 16, 2012

4 Kids | Spies, Detectives, and Plot-Maker

Hello kids! I love books that let your imagination run wild....that take you to faraway places....that introduce you to inspiring people.
But I also love books that let you have a little fun....like these! Play I Spy, pay attention to clues to solve a mystery, or choose how the plot will develop.
In Joan Steiner's Look-Alikes, the reader is invited to find over 1,000 look-alikes. The pictures in this book are of everyday objects used in unexpected ways. Play a little "I Spy" with a friend. "I spy some broccoli...." "I spy a pretzel...." Have some fun!

For you older readers who like to solve mysteries, try Great Quicksolve Whodunit Puzzles: Mini-Mysteries for You to Solve by Jim Sukach. Each chapter is a chance for you to help Dr. J.L. Quicksolve solve a crime. Pay attention to the clues and listen to the suspects. Be on the lookout for liars, tricksters and unlikely alibis. If you think you've solved a crime, check in the back of the book for the solution!
One of my all-time favorites is Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective by Donald Sobol. Encyclopedia's Dad is the chief of police who often turns to his young son for help in solving crimes. Like the Quicksolve books, the solutions are at the back of the book. But don't cheat! Try to solve each chapter first. And if you like this one as much as I do, you'll find a whole bunch of other Encyclopedia Brown books at a library near you!
My last book for you today is actually a series of books: Choose Your Own Adventure! In the book Blood on the Handle, Uncle Morgan vanishes, leaving behind a single clue: a jewelled dagger stabbed through the carpet of his study, coated in dripping blood. You, the reader, get to decide in what direction the story will go! These are so much fun! Seriously! Check them out! You'll find them at a library near you where the series books are shelved.
And if you can't find one of these books at your nearest library, ask staff to help you place a request!

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