Monday, September 22, 2014

Just Life| The Enemy

The other night, I was reading " The Enemy, a book about peace" by Davide Cali to my daughter. The book is a very short story about two soldiers from the opposite sides of a war. 

These two soldiers are both inside their trenches holding their ground so to speak.

Here is a few lines from this book:

"The enemy is there, but I have never seen him. Every morning, I shoot at him. Then he shoots at me. We both stay hidden the rest of the day, waiting."

Then the book goes on...

" ..... the enemy and I have nothing in common. He is a wild beast. He doesn't know mercy. I know this because I read it in my manual."

Then Soldier Number One disguises himself and crawls to the enemy's trench. It is empty. There are pictures of the enemy's family. His wife, the enemy, and his three children. 

Then, in the enemy's trench, he finds a manual exactly like his own.

" This manual is full of lies. I am a man, not a monster. I am not the one who started this war." 

I am going to keep this book in mind for the rest of my life.

Signing off until next Monday- Panteha