Tuesday, October 16, 2012

City Librarian | Getting Social

It's no secret that the public library is about more than just books. I can't imagine the day would ever come when our primary offering is the printed word (or downloaded word, or word on CD, or word on eReader....you get the idea) but the public library has always been about community as well. 

In many towns for many years, the library has been the one public place where people can come together to learn, share ideas, or simply be together in a comfortable, safe environment. That is still the case today as we have close to 2 million people come through the doors of SSJCPL locations every year!

But, as the Internet has become ubiquitous, as seen through the new variety of reading formats we now offer and by the number of our visitors who come to the library for free access to the Internet, the library as a community space has evolved, as well. 

 Today, even as we have visitors streaming through our doors every day of the week, we are building an ever growing online community of library lovers with whom we interact on a daily basis. Our "Let's Connect" online newsletter is published bi-monthly and is filled with news about all manner of goings-on at SSJCPL branches. You can subscribe to the newsletter and get it emailed to directly to you by using the subscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter.


We're also reaching out via our Facebook page where we are rapidly approaching 1,000 fans and on Twitter where we have over 200 followers. If you use either Facebook or Twitter on a regular basis, you'll love the conversations we have with our dedicated library fans.

And, if you aren't yet following SSJCPL on either of our social networking sites, we've got the books to help you learn how. Clicking on either of the book covers will take you right into the library catalog where you can check out these and other similar titles!


You can even watch the Oscar-winning film that tells the story behind the rise of Facebook from a Harvard dorm room to the largest social networking site in the world!

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