Monday, July 13, 2015

Just Life| Our Health

Recently, a health scare made me realize that I have been taking my health for granted. 

How often, do you pause and appreciate a breath you are taking. We take our lungs for granted. Let's hold our breath for one minute and see how we would feel. I have never thanked my lungs for breathing for me for the past 42 years. 

I have been thinking about all the big and small things that I have been taking for granted in my life, especially my health.  

One of our family members recently came home after spending over 3 months in the hospital enduring a double lung transplant. Before that, she had to carrying an oxygen tank wherever she went.

I never pause and thank the lord for giving me healthy lungs. I just take breathing for granted. 

So, if you are reading this blog, I recommend you pause for a minute and count your life's blessings.