Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Wanderlust Librarian | Up the 101

We made it! 
My retired parents love to travel. Recently, my daughter, brother and I joined them for a quick weekend trip up the Oregon coast. Our itinerary was an aggressive, but gorgeous one that would take us up to Coos Bay, cheese tasting at the Tillamook Cheese Factory and an overnight in Portland. Lonely Planet: Washington, Oregon & the Pacific Northwest  was a great source for finding some fun gems like the cheese factory!

A huge help in planning the itinerary was Driving the Pacific Coast: Oregon & Washington. It covered the exact drive that we were going to take and some of the fantastic vistas along the way. Google maps helped to establish how long the distances were between destinations.

My parents were excited about 2 Oregon facts:
1) No sales tax!
2) It is illegal to pump your own gas. One needs only stay in their car, pay the attendant and then drive away.(My dad asked the attendant if tipping was mandatory....of course they said yes!)

This trip may have been planned quickly, but it was made easy with the books I checked out! Find your next adventure at the library!

Until then, happy travels!


Outside of North Bend
Going up 101, there are tons of trees!

Lake Marie
My dad taking a picture of the scenery.

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