Saturday, October 13, 2012

Teens Only | It Came from the Library

October 14-20 is Teen Read Week, an annual celebration of teen books sponsored by the American Library Association. This year's theme is "It Came from the Library," in celebration of books made into movies.

Think you know your books and movies? Ok. Let's try a little trivia. Questions coming up. Answers can be found on the whole list of Teen Read Week books. 

Check them out.

I'll give you the answers to these trivia questions next week (Saturday). Good luck!

1. In this book/movie, an arrogant student is put under a spell that makes him as ugly as his soul.
2. This book was, in large part, the basis for the movie "Mean Girls."
3. The title of this movie is an anagram of the book title on which it is based.
4. Alexis Beidel and Jonathan Jackson star in this movie based on a book published in 1975.
5. The original title of this book is Die unendliche Geschichte.
6. This author was 15 years old when he began work on this first book of a trilogy.


  1. My guesses:
    1. Beastly
    2. Queen Bees and something, something.
    3. ?
    4. I know the movie, but I forget the name!
    5. ?
    6. Christopher Paolini

  2. I am with Candace. 3 and r are hard. Because I like Candace so much I will answer 4: Tuck Everlasting.