Monday, October 28, 2013

Just Life | Got Pomegranate?

About three years ago, my dad planted two tiny pomegranate trees in our backyard. As of right now, my pomegranate trees have about 20 pomegranates on them ready for picking.
Pomegranates from our backyard 
Have you ever tasted a pomegranate? If not, you should be adventurous and try it. 

The Pomegranate tree is native to Iran. The inside of a pomegranate is full of tiny ruby like pulps.
Inside a pomegranate
To eat a pomegranate, I usually cut it in to 4 pieces and then I empty the tiny ruby pulps into a bowl and add a bit of salt to it before eating it. Inside a pomegranate, you also find these white paper thin membranes that cover the pulps, these membranes are not edible.

My mom cutting into a pomegranate
When I was a kid, I would squish a pomegranate with my fingers over and over then I would make a tiny hole in its skin to drink fresh pomegranate juice.

Then years later in U.S., I was introduced to POM pomegranate juice
which is delicious, but costly.

Pomegranates are pretty expensive here. You can pay around $4 for each. You can find them in grocery stores during Fall and Winter months.

Here is my mom preparing a bowl of pomegranates for my co-workers.

A serving of pomegranate provides you with almost half of your recommended daily supply of Vitamin C & K and Fiber.

In Persian cooking, we also use pomegranate paste which has the consistency of tomato paste but it is sweet and tangy.

The other day, my aunt added pomegranates to a bowl of Jello for her party and it was a big hit. I have seen people adding it to their green salads too.

My Pomegranate tree

It is said that pomegranate is a heavenly fruit so I guess even if I don't end up in heaven, at least I have tasted one if its fruits.

Signing off until next Monday- Panteha


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