Friday, November 1, 2013

Miss Moneypennypincher | Greeting Card Chuckles

Yesterday was my birthday and one of my very creative coworkers made me a handmade greeting card with a silly joke in it.  It got me thinking how much I spend on greeting cards.  

I try and buy the sets they have at Costco for $19.99 but sometimes I want more than a generic birthday/wedding/baby card.  I want something hilarious.  So, I take myself to the nearest greeting card store and find a fantastically funny card for WHOA!!!!! $3 to $6?  Even more for a "singing" card? What?!  I look through the cheap cards, but alas, nothing sticks out.  

Why don't I just make the card myself, as my amazing coworker did for me?  It's personal.  It saves money.  And let's be honest, we have some pretty funny joke books at the library, if I say so myself.  Check one out - free!  Give a joke card to everyone you know!
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Here's a few...

For your teacher:
What is a light year?
A year with very little homework!
Except your homework is fun (and I really want an A)! Thanks for being awesome, my "favorite" teacher!

For your doctor:
What did the grasshopper say when it hit the windshield?
"If I had any guts I'd do it again."
Thanks for taking such great care of my guts, Dr. ______!

 For your librarian:
What books did the owl like?
You're the best librarian around!  Thanks for always figuring out what books I need - even when all I know about it is that there is a girl and maybe a dog or possibly a cat in it.

 For Thanksgiving:
Why should you never talk like a turkey?
Because it's bad to use fowl language!
Especially when you have a mouth full of potatoes!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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