Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Learning | Yes, Learning. That's What I'm Doing This Week!

This will be a short blog post. I'm attending the Internet Librarian 2013 conference in Monterey this week.  It's been difficult finding time to compose a post--and to make sure I am in a spot where wi-fi is functioning, when I try to edit it. And then there's the brain-brimming-over issue; I attend at least 5 informative sessions each day. 

For instance, on Tuesday night, I saw a wonderful presentation on metadata. Metadata is a word that means "data about data." Metadata helps us find the data we are looking for more easily--think in terms of the author, title and publication date of a book. If librarians didn't spend time thinking about the best ways to organize things, you might find really silly arrangements for books, perhaps by color, height, or number of pages.

Even at dinner, I've been joining other conference attendees for Dine-Arounds. We meet for dinner at a specified place, and converse about specific topics. One night, we talked about E-Books at a Greek restaurant. Another night, we talked about Creating New Services, while we ate at an Indian restaurant. The sampler plate I ordered there included some butter chicken. That reminded me of a mystery series by Tarquin Hall, about a detective named Vish Puri. The stories are set in India. One book in the series is called The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken.  I learned two things about butter chicken at that restaurant: it tastes really good, and it is not generally deadly.

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