Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Wanderlust Librarian | How I survive ComicCon

ComicCon is an animal like no other. It's like no other convention I've ever attended. Nor is it like any place I've ever visited in my life.

For those who have read my blog, you know how much I LOVE lists! Here's a new one just for you!

Here are my tried and true tips for surviving ComicCon... or ANY convention you're going to:

1. Plan ahead
So. Many. People! There are tons more to
the side and behind me! Bring snacks.
At ComicCon, there are many panels and discussions happening at the same time. There are times where things you want attend are conflicting. Make sure to put BOTH of these items down on your agenda. A contingency plan is always key when trying to get through a big itinerary. There are times when venues are not emptied between each panel or you may have to listen to other panels while waiting for the one you really want to see.

2. Bring sustenance
Snacks and hydration are the thing when hiking around. I'm proud to say that I've made a breakfast burrito last for 5 hours! Convention food is usually unhealthy and expensive. Bring a refillable water bottle and many portable snacks. I've learned that trail mix is great because it has a little of everything. Chocolate, chips and crackers will inevitably get pulverized in your don't attempt it. You're better off with sturdier foods like energy bars, granola bars, rice krispie treats and cookies! 
**note** Bring a little extra to share. A little kindness goes a long way. Some of the best people I've met and are still friends with, I've met in line or waiting for a panel.

External batteries
3. Bring the juice... 
Energy, I mean! With the explosion of smart phones, everybody is in touch with everybody all of time. This colossal use of cellular power really drains batteries. I do have a lot of alternate power sources to give me the extra phone power. Far be it from anyone to miss a prime picture opportunity because the camera ran out of power. I've learned to just save the pictures and post them all at once, later on...when I'm near a computer. 

4. Take your time
Rushing only makes you worry. If something doesn't work out your way, just make the best of a bad situation! (see rule 1). I've seen so many cool things and happened to run into so many cool people when things didn't work out on my list. 
Don't ever make apologies for the things you like. There's a convention, so obviously, there are others who like what you like. Enjoy the experience and share it with everyone when you get home! 

5.Picture proof....or it didn't exist! 
You go to a convention for something you're interested in. It doesn't always mean that people will know or understand that interest. I take pictures with people I know and am interested in. Most of the time, that's met with "Who's that?" Here are some of my favorites from this year! Bonus points if you know both! 

One of the best descriptions of a ComicCon experience is told by the awesome, Simon Pegg in his book "Nerd Do Well"  . Enjoy!! 

Until then, Convention Adventures are out there! 

He also smells delicious! 

Waking up early means you get the awesome pics! 

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