Monday, August 12, 2013

The Professor And The Convention...

Greetings and Salutations fellow scholars of the graphic novel!

About two weeks ago, Professor O was very lucky to be in this particular area of the space time continuum (I sometimes travel through wormholes, black holes, time folds, and even find myself hanging out with Schrödinger's Cat every once and a while), when I came upon the most marvelous of events: The Stockton Comic Convention.

Professor O very was impressed with the classic comic book convention feel, rootsy independence, and with a Hollywood presence that was (thankfully) missing. The bigger comic conventions held in bigger venues, all now bow down to the machinations of Hollywood's P.R. spectacle. Comic book conventions are now a conglomerate of movie studios pushing their upcoming movies with self indulgent promotions. This is fine, until one visits a small convention, like seeing an indie band in a small venue, the experience is much more personal.

A good time had by all!

A little of what the Professor saw...

R2D2 making his way through the crowd.

Cobra Commander pointing to the concession stand.

A 15ft Alien cosplayer, who hit everyone with his tail.

A great turnout!

Until next time, keep reading comics!

Professor O

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  1. This looks fun! I love seeing cool cosplayers.