Monday, August 12, 2013

Just Life | Visual Clutter

Visual clutter gives me heart burn. 

Right now, inside my pantry is a visual clutter from hell. All the cans, cereal boxes, spices, art supplies, and everything else that I have crammed inside my poor pantry, has grown legs and are now walking around my pantry like zombies launching at me every time I open my pantry.

Now a days , I cringe every time I open my pantry.

Am I the only person who finds the visual clutters so disorienting and painful?

I wonder!

Back in college, I even had to clean my room thoroughly before any exam, otherwise I couldn't study.

I would love to have a clutter- free house but who has time. Maybe, I should add it to my retirement's bucket list. 

Bucket list number 898- Have a clutter free house.

Who knows, maybe, I will achieve enough free time and wisdom to let go of all the useless things that are piling up in my house at an exponential rate by the ripe age of 80.

Until then, I try to de-clutter whenever I get a chance and that is O.K.

If you are tired of all the clutter around your house, take a look at following article for some pretty good tips on kicking it to the curb. 

Clutter- Busting Secrets of the Pros

Here are few books on these topics from your local library:

Kick the clutter : clear out excess stuff without losing what you love

Stop clutter from stealing your life : discover why you clutter & how you can stop 

Lighten up : love what you have, have what you need, be happier with less

Enough already! : clearing mental clutter to become the best you  

The get organized answer book

Signing off until next Monday- Panteha

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