Friday, August 16, 2013

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I have a bookshelf of dusty books in my home.  I have no idea how much I spent to acquire this collection of books I have either never read, read but would never read again, or books I lend out to friends and reread from time to time.  I don't mind the latter, but looking at that shelf of books reminds me of how much money I wasted on some books that I could have read for free from the library.
I feel the same way about ebooks. Yes, there are some ebooks that can be lent out. Really though, most of the time the ebooks just sit on my ereader account and remind me of the $9.99 I spent that I will never see again.  Many of my friends extol the awesomeness of ebooks and say they will never go back to the actual copies that we lend out at the library.  That's fine, but come to the library to RENT ebooks too!  FREE!  
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Look at it this way: If you buy two ebooks a month (let's say an average price of $10), you are spending $240 a year on books sitting in a device.  In fact, you probably deleted half of them and they are waiting in a "Cloud" on your ebook provider's database. There are some subscription services coming around the bend as well.  Amazon has already started a lending library (included with the $79 Prime subscription), but it still can't beat free.

SSJCPL has two ebook services: Axis 360 and Overdrive. The apps and software are free and the books are free to download.  You check them out for between 1 and 3 weeks and there are NO LATE FEES. EVER!  Okay so, no late fees, free book, free checkout, no clutter on your device or computer. That, to me, my friends, is awesomeness!  Also, a helpful tip, if you commute or go out of town, check out the town's library, they might have an ebook service as well.  Many places are happy to sign up out-of-town folks for library cards.  Then you can have access to our ebooks, and theirs as well.

In addition, check out Project Gutenberg, a database with over 43000 free ebooks.  All of the books are available because they have an expired copyright. You have no idea how crazy it makes me when I see someone has paid to download Jane Eyre. 

 Knock Knock
---Who's there?
---Bee Who?
 Bee super smart and save money by getting free ebooks at the library!

 I am getting worse at the jokes, I know.

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