Saturday, January 12, 2013

Teens Only | I Can't Drive 55

but can I write 55? 55 words, that is?

Each January or February, Record columnist Mike Fitzgerald hosts a 55-Word Writing Contest. Every year I think....this will be my year! I'm going to win that contest! And every year, no such luck. I wonder if my chances would improve if I actually entered the contest!

They say practice makes perfect. So, today, I'm beginning my practice. I'm going to practice writing something in 55 words. Exactly. Not 54. Not 56. 55 words.

I hear you laughing. You try it! It's tougher than you think! For today's practice, I think I'll channel a little Dr. Seuss.

Do you like to read a book? 

Yes I do, in my reading nook.

I will read when I'm in school.

I will read out by the pool.

I will read while lying in bed.

I will read standing on my head.

Hey Mr. Fitzgerald, sakes alive!

Look at the word count: it’s fifty-five!

I know. I know. I need some help. A lot of help. Fortunately I work at a library, and we have books on how to write. Next step in my quest to win this 55-Word Writing Contest is to study up on writing.

Here is where I'll start:

Extraordinary Poetry Writing by Margaret Ryan. 
This book has innovative strategies and 
multimedia approaches to stimulate out-of-the box thinking
 and help us find our own voice!

Are you with me? Try it. 55 words. I dare you!

Until next Saturday, be well!

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