Monday, January 14, 2013

Life & Style | In Defense Of All Old Things


Are you ready for my next confession?

Here we go:

I don't love E-readers.

I have a real hard time enjoying books on my old Kindle.

For me, reading books means relaxation but reading from my Kindle isn't relaxing for me.

You see, I spend numerous hours in front of a computer everyday, so the act of staring at another tiny computer screen feels like punishment.

Also, my old Kindle needs constant re-charging and it gets serious hot flashes.

Just give me the old paperback and I would be eternally grateful.

Maybe, I am afraid of what might be happening in the distant future; A library void of books.

It almost kills me whenever I hear someone say that they only take their E-readers on vacation since it saves them so much space.

In my case, unless I am backpacking across Europe or climbing Mount Everest, I can always find some space in my luggage for a couple of paperbacks.

Anyway, that is my two cents on this topic.

If you like to test drive this new technology, our library offers numerous pre-loaded Nooks such as (Bestsellers, Mystery, Romance, Non-fiction) that you can check out for free. 

You can also download free E-books from our library website on to your E-reader.
Let me know what you think about this topic.

Signing off until next Monday- Panteha


  1. I love my Kindle Fire, never leave home without it. I love the fact that I can access to so many books at any time, and that I can use the wi-fi to look up unfamiliar terms or historical references when I come across them in a book I'm reading. Not to mention checking my email and playing scrabble.

  2. It seems to me that the ebook conveyances like Kindles and Nooks are just another "choice", like a paperback or a hardback book. It won't replace books with paper pages, rather it will be an alternate format. My secret hope, of course, is that REAL books will prevail!! Time will tell.