Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Learning | Scrabble

I saw a Scrabble calendar in a store recently.  I simply could not resist buying it, even though I really didn't need it.  I already have a planner on my desk at work, and an enormous wall calendar at home.  But this calendar has something interesting on every page: some days have a challenge to score a bingo with all seven letters provided, or tips for improving one's game. 

I need those tips. I play Scrabble online daily with my best friend--the one who makes up new words in her sleep. She tends to whomp me soundly in the game on a regular basis, but I persist, because the occasional victory over her is all the sweeter for it.  
There is a 2005 movie available on DVD called Word wars: tiles and tribulations on the Scrabble game circuit. It's  an entertaining documentary about the cutthroat world of competitive Scrabble.  

One of my favorite facts learned from this film: the name of legendary guitarist Eric Clapton is an anagram for narcoleptic.   

The library has some books to help you build your own Scrabble skills, including The Ultimate Guide to Winning Scrabble Brand Crossword Game. Hmm, I wonder if it would help me to whomp Roberta.

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  1. That calendar sounds wonderful. Everyone could use help playing their best Scrabble game.

    I watched the DVD you mentioned. I never knew how serious people were when it came to playing the game. It is almost like a full time job for those guys. My family loves to play Scrabble. I thought I was pretty good until I played with a couple on a recent cruise. They blew my score away. It was fun and challenging.

    I will have to check out the book you mentioned. Glad to see that people are still playing Scrabble and now Words with Friends. I think building and maintaining vocabulary is so important.

    Thank you for your blog. Good luck at whomping your friend in the game.

    Happy Day!