Thursday, January 10, 2013

Book Bucket List | The Pearl

Happy New Year!  I know I said I probably wasn't going to have a New Year's resolution, but I have an easy one: I will read more.  To make this easier on myself, I am going to start with a short novella, and then move into what I have chosen to start reading in January. (See my previous post here.)

John Steinbeck's The Pearl may be short in length, but it has always packed a punch for me.  Kino, a pearl diver, is barely able to make ends meet for his family until he stumbles upon the largest pearl anyone has ever seen.  However, news of the giant pearl, and the wealth it will bring, spreads quickly. This leaves Kino and his family on a race to sell the pearl before someone takes it from them.  In his novella, Steinbeck explores need, evil, greed, and how these effect people in stressful situations.

Anything by Steinbeck I love, so a 90 page novella I can get through in a night.  If you're looking for something quick for your bucket list, check out The Pearl! 

P.S.  The Book Bucket List will be on hiatus for two weeks! See you soon!

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