Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Professor O | Scientific-y Comic Book Goodness!

A most belated , but excited hello, fellow fans of the graphic novel! 

Professor O has been touring space/time, here/there, back/forth and all points in between on my journey to bring you, the comic book reader, the best reads the SSJCPL has to offer. In this installment, I have a special treat: Graphic Novels about science and scientists.

The first GN we will be looking at is Evolution: The Story of Life On Earth by Jay Hosler with art by the wonderful duo of Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon.  This graphic novel is a short, surprisingly concise look at evolution for those who normally shy away from such scientific reading. Lots of information here, a student of Professor O remarked that they understood more from this comic book than any course on evolution ever taught them! Now that is a comic book that transcends the genre! Of course, Professor O approves of learning in any capacity!

A good read for those without a time machine.

One more science themed graphic novel that Professor O really enjoyed is, Two-Fisted Science: Stories About Scientists by Jim Ottaviani (SSJCPL doesn't carry this title BUT you can request this title through an outside library with Link Plus....ask a librarian!). This graphic novel covers stories of male and female scientists and their important discoveries/contributions to science. The author did not see time travel as "science" leaving Professor O's name out of the list of lives covered in the comic. But a great graphic novels nevertheless!

There you have it, fellow adventurers. Two titles with nary a superhero in them! Two titles that (GASP) teach! Do not fear these, embrace these. Read them and see how easily it is to learn something new when it is presented in a graphic, exciting, and readable form! Science most definitely rocks! 

Until next time, adventurers, continue learning!
It is like a get-together with all of Professor O's BFFs!        


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