Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Learning | What Would You Like to Say to Your Teacher?

I was surprised to see that Tony Danza wrote a book about teaching.  I remember him best for his character on the 70s television show, "Taxi"; I remember he played a sort of nanny on "Who's the Boss" after that.  I picked up I'd Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had recently, because I thought the title was funny. I was surprised to learn that he had another show in 2010 called "Teach." It was a reality show, following Danza's experience as a brand new teacher at an urban high school in Pennsylvania.  This book is Danza's recollection of that year of teaching.  

Yesterday, a customer recalled her middle school Home Economics teacher, as she was checking out a book on knitting and crocheting. That teacher taught her how to crochet, when she was not necessarily interested in learning about it. "I was a tomboy!" she laughed. But she continued crocheting, and went on to make countless afghans and other beautiful items, many for charity.  "I wonder what she would think!"

Speaking of knitting and crocheting, the Troke Library has a Sew Knotty program,    on the third Wednesday of every month.  Bring your needlework to the library, to work in the company of others -- maybe you'll teach another person some tips, or learn a new skill.


  1. Just an update, we are changing our Troke knitting program to twice a month starting in Jan 2013

  2. We are also changing the name,
    Stitch, Knit and Quilt Club