Monday, December 10, 2012

Professor O | Dost Thou Jest, Shakespearean Manga?

How now, how art thou?

Or, in another words: Hello, how are you?

Professor O has once again stumbled onto yet another gem of a comic book here at the SSJCPL. These are not scary or filled with horror, but still seem to frighten some readers away. These works are not spoken in another foreign language, yet the English that is spoken seems to be a "deal breaker" for a curious reader who wishes to pick up a work from this writer. I speak, of course, of the bard of bards, Shakespeare! 

"But, Professor O, your blog is about comics," I doth hear ye speak, and most accurately, I might add. 

Yes, but here we have a wonderful example of the power of the graphic novel form. The transition from the stage to a manga is not as far as you may think, oh perceptive of my readers. The bard is meant to be told in dynamic, moving setting and what better way than to bring Shakespeare's plays alive than through the medium of manga? 

One of the titles we will be shedding light on is, every one's favorite star crossed tragic lovers, Romeo and Juliet. A perennial favorite, and one that always brings the professor to tears. This title is an ideal way for a reader to explore the timeless tale of the woeful lovers. The speed lines, the big eyes, and the unbrushed hair are all there, as in any manga, but the story is 100% Shakespeare, which equals 100% tragic. A novel way to revisit the play for a seasoned veteran, or a simpler way to understand the sometimes difficult English through the artwork, for a beginner.

The second manga, and one that Professor O loves to play in his community theater, is Julius Caesar.
This story takes place in a far off, Neo-Tokyo style future, where our tragic hero will be facing his untimely demise. It is fast paced with lasers and there is never anything wrong with that.

Give these manga titles a try, fellow adventurer. Whether you love Shakespeare and appreciate a wonderful,  new take on the classic stories or are one of those who often find it difficult to understand; these wonderful new versions are sure to entertain! Lo, there are other Manga Shakespeare titles at the SSJCPL!

Fare Thee Well!

The Professor cries every time.
Et tu, manga?

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  1. Please doth tell us, Professor, when ye shalt perform Julius Caesar in community theater! Your adoring fans shalt not miss such a production!!