Tuesday, December 11, 2012

4 Kids | Let the Games Begin

Some interesting facts on board games:

Did you know that since Monopoly was invented in 1934, there have been 1,240 different versions made?

You've played Clue before, right? You know, the classic murder mystery game? Introduced in England in 1949, it was created to pass the time in underground bunkers during long air raid drills.

And chess....well, get this: the world's most expensive chess set is the Jewel Royale Chess Set and is valued at over $9.8 million dollars. (I'm guessing it's outrageous value is because it's made of gold, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, pearls and sapphires!)

So what are your all-time favorite board games? 

I love Monopoly. It's fun. It makes you use your brain. And I absolutely loved Candyland as a kid. I would imagine living in a place called Candyland. I've had a lot of success with Battleship, though I must admit (or confess): it was not my proudest moment when I played a game of Battleship with two young friends, and their backs were to a very large mirror in my dining room. If Zach and Joe are reading this, I'm sorry!

So pull out an old family favorite board game and have some fun! And if you want to learn more about board and card games, definitely check out Daniel King's Games: Learn to Play, Play to Win. From Nine Men's Morris to Mancala and Cribbage, this book has got it all! 

And do I even have to mention....board games make a great family night! So enjoy!!

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