Monday, October 8, 2012

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Style Mafias!

That is what I call my cousins.

They make fun of my lack of style every chance they get.

By Golly, I've got to do something about it.

Library I need you.

So last week, in my quest to become a tiny bit stylish, I checked out numerous style books and magazines from the Cesar Chavez Library hoping for a miracle before my next family reunion. 

Don't laugh, miracles happen you know.  

Here is what I have learned so far: 
  • A wrap dress can turn you in to a goddess. Even Aphrodite was a fan.
  • A Pencil skirt is heavenly. Most men like seeing you in one, including Zeus!
  • Black shirt+red pants+leopard shoes would make Apollo sing for you.
  • Red sheath dress + leather jacket + high heels can bring Ares; the God of war to his knees. (Don't wear this to work. Wear it to your next family reunion to give your cousins what they deserve)
  • To become a Femme Fatale, you must own a little black dress. Legend has it that Hades left the underworld one day just to admire women wearing these LBDs. 
  • Girdles were used as torture devices in Medieval Europe. If you want to torture yourself, go right ahead and use them.
        Anyway, I have got two years before my next family reunion to turn myself in to a Fashionsita. Let's cross our fingers that I can pull it off. 

        If you wish to become more stylish for your next party, visit your local Library to check out style books and magazines for free. How about these books for a start:

        Wear this, Toss that!  by Amy Goodman

        Go ahead, give your Library a chance to make you more gorgeous than ever.

        Signing off for the week- Panteha

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