Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Learning | Change of Seasons

"I feel like I'm wearing my back-to-school clothes," a grinning customer said. I had just complimented her on the beautiful sweater set she was wearing.  It was late September, and it was--at last!--a bit chilly outside. 

Remember the excitement of shopping for back-to-school clothes in the sweltering days of late summer? Most of the stores offer an enticing selection of long-sleeved, heavier clothes that are more suited to fall.  It can be frustrating, waiting for appropriate weather to wear them for the first time.

The library has a wide selection of books related to this season, both entertaining and educational. There are books on making costumes, crafts, or seasonal food; of course we have a wide selection of fall and Halloween-related fiction, which range from silly to scary. 

For a little learning fun, try Stephen Schnur's picture book,  Autumn: an Alphabet Acrostic. It has clever riddles; the first letter of each line spells out a relevant word. Schnur and illustrator Leslie Evans have a series of acrostic picture books matching seasons throughout the year.

Consider making up your own acrostic riddles with your family or students!

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