Monday, April 21, 2014

Just life | Free Plant Seeds

I planted some garlic cloves today. I am learning to like gardening.

Did you know that you can pickup free plant seeds from Cesar Chavez library? 

If you are in the mood for gardening, come by the Cesar Chavez reference desk to pickup some free plant seeds. You just need to fill out a tiny form, that is all.

I was telling my dad about this program and he loved the idea and he is planning to get some eggplant seeds from the library since he loves the eggplant dishes that my mom makes.

I want to plant tomato and cucumber instead.

Chavez Seed Library

Here are a few examples of what you find in this seed library:

Basil seeds,

Cucumber seeds 

Eggplant seeds

Garlic seeds,

Melon seeds,

Broccoli seeds,

Ornamental flower seeds

I got to say a big thank you to Patty Parch Lovato who has started this program at Chavez. She has spent numerous hours working on this project.

I got to thank Librarian extraordinaire; Gretchen Louden for making this program a reality at Chavez. 

For novice gardeners like me, there would be an orientation at Cesar Chavez Library on April 30, 2014 at 3:00pm.

Here is the link to the Seed Library program

Take me home

So tell me, what are you planting today?

Signing off until next week- Panteha

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