Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4 Kids | Poetic Geniuses Among Us

So I'm back after a very lengthy absence. I could tell you that I've been traveling to places far away, performing on Broadway, etc., etc., etc., but that would not be truthful! But I am back and ready to share a whole bunch of great books with you each and every week.
Before that, however, I think it important that we celebrate poetry since April is National Poetry Month.
Earlier this month I hosted a little poetry contest at the Cesar Chavez Central Library. I asked young people (ages 5 -18) to write a poem no longer than 100 words about why they love the Library. I received some really great poems, but alas had to pick just 4 winners. Today I am proud to share the winners from the 5-7 age group and the 8-10 age group. I'll share the other winning poems on the teen blog (which you'll see returning to the Library website on a Saturday very soon).
The winner of the 5-7 age group is written by Atticus Chan, age 6! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:
I like the library,
because it's great!
I might even learn,
how tigers mate.
The library is the best,
I like the library,
and I like fiction,
and all about berries!
My favorite book,
is always due, 'cause
I've been looking in it,
for a week or two!
The winning poem from the 8-10 age group is written by Amelia Morrison, age 8. (If these  poems don't inspire you to write some of your own, I don't know what will!)
One thing I need
Is a good book to read.
Just take a look
On the shelves for a book.
They're quiet as mice
Librarians are so nice.
The library is great
Don't turn your book in late!
By the way, whenever you check out items from the library, you get to enjoy them for 3 whole weeks! If the due date is approaching and you're not quite finished, you can renew your items online, by phone, or at the library. It's very simple.
So let's give a big round of applause to our two poetic geniuses -- Atticus Chan and Amelia Morrison! You make us all proud!
Until next week, happy reading!

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