Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Learning | Eastertide Musings

Eastertide is upon us!

I found myself using the word Eastertide in a conversation recently. I know it means the Easter season, just as Christmastide is the Christmas season. Why does the suffix -tide mean season?

The word has Germanic origins; it is related to the modern German word Zeit, which translates to the English time. 

After I learned that, I began to wonder about the use of the word tide  to describe the movements of water.  

Watching the tide come in and go out from the slough in my backyard makes me think how logical it would be (especially for those to live near water) to associate marking time with the movements of the tides. 

Here are two children's books for those who want to learn about tides.  Note: the second one is in Vietnamese; it is about a grandmother who explains tides to a small child.

If you would like to learn more about Easter, or just read some fun stories, follow this link for books about Easter.

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