Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Wanderlust Librarian | (Rules for) Leavin' on a Jetplane

This summer has been unusually high in air travel for me. I usually drive, but this year I have been lucky to snag some great deals at just the right time! Don't get me wrong, driving is great, but the gas prices have made my pocketbook sad. This year, I'll be traveling to 3 locations: Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Diego. All 3 places are within an hour and a half plane ride from my favorite airport, so they're not too far away. I do, though, have some great tips for plane travel that might just save your sanity! 

Pre-flight preparations: 

1) Go to your local library: Did you know the library lends e-books? You can bring your Nook or Kindle on your flight and hold tons of books with no weight at all! The library is also a great place to buy books at the Friends of the Library booksale. If you like the feeling of a book in your hand, this is the place for you. The cost is right under $1.00 per item (sometimes less!) and it's also helpful if you accidentally leave the book somewhere.

2) Pack Efficiently: This is much easier than it sounds. I try to plan outfits that can be mixed and matched into other outfits. I recently bought a cotton stretchy dress that can double from casual (with sandals) to fancy (with a colorful necklace and heels). If you're going to be gone for more than 5 days, see if there's a place where you can do laundry. I have these all in one sheets in my suitcase for just that purpose. There are smaller travel packs at your local store! 

3) Have a comfortable shoulder bag: For me, the shoulder bag doubles as my purse on the plane. I can hold my Nook, my wallet, camera, empty water bottle, magazines, cell phone, lip gloss, electronic plugs and chargers and gum all in there for easy access during the flight! (No lie... I carry all of that in my bag).  I keep my nicer purse wrapped up safely in my luggage for use over vacation with way less to carry! 

4) Print out your boarding passes at home: A majority of airlines allow you to print out your travel documents at home. This will save you time so you don's have to stand in line at the airport.

At the airport: 

4) SHOW UP EARLY: It's better to be safe than sorry. It's never easy to gauge if there will be a lot of people in the security line or if you'll breeze right through. Feeling worry about a line or rushing is never a good way to start a trip and if you're early, you have more time to relax at your gate and read!

5) Check the departure boards often: Many times, I have been met by a gate change before I get out of the security line. A lot of airlines will also offer a text message 

6) Find a comfy place with a plug for your electronics: I love knowing I'm not using any juice when I'm fiddling around on my cell phone or reading my Nook! If not for your electronics, then a comfortable spot for you to wait for your flight. 

7) Relax because you're on your way!

Please don't feel like you have to take all of my advice, but being organized and timely will help you to feel less anxiety at the start of your adventure. 

Stress-free adventures in the air are out there! 


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