Thursday, June 27, 2013

Book Bucket List | Board Books Galore!

In honor of the very new addition to my family, this week I'm going to feature a few of my favorite board books.  Board books are printed on a very thick cardboard, which allow little hands to be a little more rough with them than other books.  I have to admit that I've already started a collection for our family's newest member!

Dear Zoo is a classic children's book and features lots of fun animals for the little ones.

Oops! by David Shannon is one of my favorites.  We get to see the ever energetic David as a baby and all of the trouble he is able to cause.

 W is for Wombat is a very colorful and bright alphabet book.  For each letter, a different Australian word is featured with an illustration.

The Runaway Bunny is one of my favorite books.  Baby bunny is always playing hide and seek, but his mother is able to find him every time!

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  1. Board books are so much fun. Your post made me remember my eldest son's favorite board book. It was called "Is there a horse in your house?" It is designed to explore familiar objects in various rooms in the house, but always ends with "Is there a horse in your (name room)? OH, NO!" Pure silliness.