Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Learning | Ice Cream!

We have had some hot days recently. Hot weather makes me think about ice cream. But that's not the only thing that made me think about ice cream.

There's a new book with a drawing of a scrumptious ice cream cone on the cover. It's called I Scream Ice Cream: A Book of Wordles.

This children's picture book isn't really about ice cream. It's about playing with words. As the inside flap of the front cover says, "What do 'I Scream' and 'Ice Cream' have in common? Nothing--besides the fact that they sound the same." This book depicts a phrase on one page, then illustrates a phrase that sounds the same on the next page.  The idea is to try to guess what the second set of words is, before you turn the page. I think when they say "wordles," they really mean "puns." Call these groups of words whatever you like, but they do inspire some silly thoughts. 

There are plenty of books that really are about ice cream at SSJCPL.  Some are stories, some tell the history of ice cream, and many of them tell us how ice cream is manufactured, or how to make it at home. 

Photo courtesy of Paul Pehrson's (docguy)
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