Monday, June 24, 2013

Just Life| Panteha Goes Bird Watching

Every morning I wake up from the songs of a hundred birds singing outside my window. This morning, they were having choir practice around 5:30am.  

Since last week, I have been trying to learn the names of some of these birds.

You see, from 10,000 bird species, I can only name about 20. I think it would be cool to learn the names of a few more. 

When I told my idea to my co-worker a few weeks back, she just went into action and grabbed this book Birds of the Northern California for me to help me jump start my bird watching adventure. Then she started marking pages that contain birds from this region with purple post-it notes. I was sweating as I was looking at the number of these post-it notes.

But as one once said, You can only learn one bird at a time and learning is only a journey not a destination.

Then I told the bird watching idea to my daughter who got excited about it. But nowadays, she just screams my name from the top of her lung as if her hair is on fire and when I rush to see what is the emergency, she just says very nonchalantly "Look mom, there is a bird outside our window". 
So far, we have been able to identify the birds listed below. We have seen quite a few birds since the beginning of our adventure, but since we don't know the names of most of them, I am proud to say that we have encountered quite a few UFOs in our bird watching adventures thus far.

So the following are the birds that we have identified so far: 

Bird #1 identified: American Robin. Have you seen this bird in your backyard yet? This bird lays tiny blue eggs.

Bird #2 identified: Western Scrub Jay.

Bird #3 identified: Mourning dove. This one has been cooing in our backyard for the past two days.

Also, the other day, me and my daughter went to our backyard and we saw a Hummingbird and what appeared to be a mockingbird. 

It is so hard to identify these birds. They fly so fast and so high and I don't want to use our binoculars in our tiny backyard to give our neighbors the wrong idea.  

After a while, my daughter got bored and started watering the whole backyard including me...that was the end of our bird watching for that day.

Time will tell what the future holds in our bird watching adventures. I will keep you posted as we discover names of these UFOs.

Signing off until next Monday- Panteha


  1. I dont think a Mockingjay is a real bird, it is from the Hunger Games

  2. Oops, You are right. I meant Mockingbird. Thanks for your help. :)

  3. Really sorry about all those post-its. I suppose I got a bit carried away. My brother used to do the same thing to me - "let me just mark a few of the more common ...." But just wait til winter, that's when we get lots of songbirds in this area. I could make you a list......

  4. Oh Thank you for taking time to mark those pages for me. It was quite useful.