Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tara's Short Attention Span Challenge | This is Happening.

Have you ever known someone who finds something new to learn, gets really excited about it, does it for a week or so, and then drops it and moves on to something new?  You might even say that this person does this little routine on a habitual basis?  Well, if you didn’t before, you do now!  I am one of those people!  I don’t like to think I have a short attention span per say, but instead maybe a healthy appetite for information.

Of course, working at SSJCPL hasn't discouraged my information appetite in the least. We have new books that come in everyday on a variety of subjects.  I am all about a new skill or hobby on pretty much a weekly basis.  Just when I start to master one, I move on to the next.  In some ways, I have always been embarrassed about this erratic and non-committal part of my personality.  I worried I would be someone who never really mastered anything.  I'd hoped I'd grow out of it, but here I am now, in my thirties, and I've come to realize, this is just who I am.  So I'll embrace it; I am a Jack of all Trades, but Master of None. 

This year, I challenge myself to an experiment: 52 weeks and 52 different skills.  Of course, any challenge needs to have rules.


  • The knowledge will ONLY come from the library; be it a book, or a program, or online database (no Wikipedia allowed!)
  • I will not pay for or seek out expert opinion from outside the library. For example: my husband is a mechanic, but I will not ask him for help when I learn how to change oil. (That one will be hard, by the way)
  • I will always post where I got the information with links
  • I will always post my results and how I got them (pictures, video, whatever), whether good, bad, or embarrassing. there might be a lot of the latter two. 
  • I am a smart gal, but I will not censor my ditziness. If I make a mistake, especially a silly one, I will mention it! 

I hope you will enjoy my knowledge adventure!  Please check in each week for my results and by all means, feel free to post comments and suggestions.

The Short Attention Span Challenge will begin on Jan 2, 2013  January 9, 2013!


  1. I learned to change my oil from a book, I'm sure you can too. I used "Auto Repair for Dummies" by Deanna Sclar (her book actually predates the "for Dummies" series, they bought the title later). It's pretty easy to do, but don't wear your favorite sweater like I did.

  2. I'll check that one out! Thanks for the recommendation! Also, I'm glad you have faith in me, Gretchen. And, I will not wear my favorite sweater. I wonder if my husband has a pair of osfa coveralls I can borrow??? :-)