Saturday, December 1, 2012

Teens Only | Twilight, Harry, etc.

First, the answers to the Twilight trivia from last week's blog:

1. How old is Carlisle? 362 (and I thought I was old!)
2. What do the Cullens have in their house that surprises Bella? A hand-carved cross.
3. Who is the leader of the visiting coven? James
4. How old is Jacob when he meets Bella on the beach? 15
5. What is the name of the 2010 book by Stephenie Meyer about a character introduced in Eclipse? The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

Enough about Twilight (yes, I just said that!) 

I'm in a YouTube kinda mood. My awesome niece Madeline just turned me on to Potter Puppet Pals on You Tube. Have you seen them? Oh. My. Goodness. Since they are based on that popular boy wizard of children's and teen literature, Harry Potter, I feel that I'm doing my librarian duty by sharing this with you. My favorite is Wizard Angst.

This weather is sapping my energy. So I'm going to sign off now and wish you a wonderful weekend. Happy reading....Happy YouTubing....Be safe!


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  1. I love the Potter Puppet Pals! The Mysterious Ticking Noise and Snape's Diary are my favorites.