Friday, November 30, 2012

Food, Food, Food | How Was Your Holiday?

Now begins the long wait until Thanksgiving 2013.  Sigh.  I love that there is a holiday that revolves around friends, family, food and football.  (And how cool is it that we have an extra game, now?)

At our house we had standard fare, which is just fine with Peach.  Any meal that involves Crescent Rolls is welcome in my tummy.  We had approximately twelve people over to my mother's house and we had to practically cuddle while we ate so that we'd all fit.  We did the standard saying what we are thankful for and it's always fun to hear the variety of answers.   

Pre-Thanksgiving I went to one of my favorite restaurants: Siamese Street.  If you haven't tried this restaurant you are living a very sad life.  I normally get the Sweet Basil Noodles.  I caution you that if you are a delicate flower, don't get it any stronger than "mild."  I go "medium" but I am just that out of control.  My friend Robert (if you knew how many sentences I start that way...) gets "hot" and he claims to love it but he looks like he might burst into flames.  Other friends I go with like the various curry dishes, but I am so in love with my noodles that I cannot stray.

I'll blog at you later.  In the meantime, Happy Birthday to our City Librarian Mr. Freeman!

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