Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Wanderlust Librarian | Off The Grid and in my belly

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about food trucks? I've come back to report on Off the Grid. This is the weekly food truck gathering at Fort Mason. My friend and I got there early so we could scope out what was available. It's always nice to do a lap before committing to a location (if you can name the movie, I will squeal with glee!). While there were at least a dozen or more food trucks, there were an equal amount of food stalls. Some of the gems we saw were: a popsicle stand that sold some fun and unusual flavors, horchata kettle corn,       and made to order dumplings.

The night was made sweeter by a non-food truck...the AT&T truck. There were charging stations for telephones and a huge television that showed the San Francisco Giants game. Food AND a ball game for mere duckets? Bonus!

My friend, Lizzie, and I  were dismayed that a majority of the trucks there did "Asian Fusion". To be frank, it's taking Asian food and putting it into a burrito or a taco. Korean food? In a taco with kim-chee. Indian food? Tikka masala in a burrito. Want to make it nachos? Put it on top of french fries. I admit.... the french fry idea makes life worthwhile. I love carbs.

Unbeknownst to me until the night we were there, the huge truck gathering at Fort Mason only goes on until mid-October. Not to worry, there are still smaller pods that meet weekly at places around the City! When the weather gets better next year, check the Off the Grid site to visit the huge food pod!

Useful tips:
  • Come early to get some free parking outside of Fort Mason. (To their credit, the parking fees are reasonable if you have to park inside.)
  • Come early to visit the Friends of the San Francisco Library book sale located inside the Fort Mason complex.
  • Come early to see what food is available and how much things are. 
  • Come early to get a place to sit and to save spots while your friend gets food.
  • Get an adventurous food friend that is willing to share food. It's a great way to try different food and talk about it! 

While the weather is cold and you're inside, try and make your own "fusions" by trying out recipes from the following books and putting them in a tortilla!

50 Great Curries of India would help set a great base for any type of meat / veggie
The One Dish Chicken Cookbook - getting a tasty chicken dish made would set you up for delicious leftovers, right?
Salad as a Meal  - Salads make great wrap stuffing!

Until next time: explore, explore, explore!

Adventure is out there!

Enjoy these pictures from Off the Grid! 

Fat Face Popsicle stand from Davis! 
I was waiting for dessert... they ran out. I heard it was delicious
Amazing garlic noodles from the An the Go truck.

An the Go has my heart! 

BLT Taco from the Taco Guys

Don't take my seat! 

The fresh choices from The Taco Guys

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