Friday, November 9, 2012

Food, Food, Food | Twiggy Reynolds

I am happy to introduce you to my final dog: Twiggy Reynolds.  Twiggy is a Poodle mix and she is impossibly pretty and happy.  You cannot not like her.  She is very short legged and requires a set of stairs to get into the bed.  If you see her climb the stairs once you will want to watch her do it over and over again because it is pretty cute.  She is a huge fan of Mr. Burt Reynolds.  Huge.  Epic.  She certainly likes me and her sister, but the girl mostly loves her some Burt.

Good news for girls: College basketball season is here.  Many of you don't know me so you aren't aware that I am a big college basketball fan.  I specifically like Indiana University basketball.  A lot.  This will eventually lead to my eating a lot of hot dogs and other foods that I can lace in barbeque sauce.  Nearly everything tastes better in barbeque sauce to me.  I prefer KC Masterpiece, but I am willing to entertain your suggestions. 

Have a great week-end.  Remember that all libraries will be closed on Monday, November 12th!

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