Tuesday, November 6, 2012

4 Kids | The Giving Tree

My friend Lisa blogged about Shel Silverstein's beautiful story, The Giving Tree, a little while back. If you haven't read the classic book, please check it out from any SSJCPL branch library! It's a story about a boy and a tree...about how a boy's needs change as he grows up, and how the tree tries to do everything it can to give the boy what he needs.

I shared this book recently with my 5th grade friends from Stockton Collegiate International School. It's interesting how each of us found a different meaning in this story. 

Here's what some of my 5th grade friends thought:

"The Giving Tree is a sweet and nice story about friendship and loyalty." A.S., 10 years old
"The Giving Tree story meant that the tree cared for the boy. She valued the boy. She was good." -- Q.D.M.H., 10 years old

"The Giving Tree shows what a true friend will do just to keep you happy." S.D., 10 years old

"I think this book means that you should appreciate things." N.N., 10 years old

"This story taught me that you should be thankful and stay present and live your life right." D.S., 10 years old

Every time I read this book, it leaves a different impression on me. Thanks to my 5th grade friends, today I'm thinking about...

  • what it means to be a loyal friend
  • how we should all value one another
  • how important it is to appreciate what we have
  • being present in the lives of my friends and family
What does this book mean to you? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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