Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Learning | You Can Lead a Horse to Water....

I really don't remember a time when I did not like reading.  Even today, I still keep a book near my bed, a book in the car, and one in my tote bag -- just in case I have some time to read.  That is not necessarily the case with all of us.  

Teachers require young students to read for a certain amount of time every day.  I recall occasions when it was difficult to get my own children to focus on the task -- they would say the available books were boring, or they just didn't feel like reading.  Gradually, I learned that my sons preferred nonfiction books over stories.  They didn't mind reading facts about trains or animals. They didn't even need to be encouraged to read about video games; I learned that having the strategy guide of the latest role playing game lying around would catch their attention.
The library has numerous books to help you encourage young readers.  Give the Gift! 10 fulfilling Ways to Raise a Lifetime Reader is told in a comic book style.  It's full of helpful suggestions, like showing a teenager an article about his favorite band.


The Ultimate Teen Book Guide has suggestions for more than 700 books for teens to read, everything from classics to science fiction.  The reading requirements for middle school and high school classes are more demanding; if a teacher has given your child a list of approved books, you can check this book for a summary and description, to see which ones you might like better.  (Note: it's always good to come to the library as soon as you know what's on the list, because everyone else in your child's class is going to want those titles, too.)

How to Get Your Child to Love Reading is simply full of ideas (birthday clubs, magic shows and book plates!), observations (Potato Power: the art of using what you've got), activities (including music and poetry!) and, last, but not least, lists of books for young readers. 

Give these books a try, and let me know what you think -- and what your budding readers think.

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