Tuesday, November 13, 2012

4 Kids | Look Who's In a Book!

Meet Elephant (aka Gerald) and Piggie, the two lovable characters in Mo Willems' easy reader books. There are 17 books (so far) in this great series, but my favorite is We Are in a Book! This is an easy reader, so it's perfect for kids just starting to read on their own. But kids of all ages will laugh at these two friends. In this book, Elephant/Gerald feels someone is watching them. And guess what? He's right! Someone is watching them...a reader!! In his always funny way, author Mo Willems tells us what a character in a book might feel like to be read. How cool is that?

When I was a kid, I used to imagine myself a character in a book. Sometimes I was Clara Barton, a nurse during the Civil War who founded the American Red Cross, because I thought she was really brave. 

Other times I was the donkey in William Steig's Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. I would wonder for hours what I would wish for if I found a magic pebble. 

Many times I'd like to be Annie in the Magic Tree House series because she's smart and she gets to travel back in time. My favorite book in this series (by Mary Pope Osborne) is The Hour of the Olympics. Annie and her brother Jack travel back in time to Ancient Greece -- to the original Olympic games -- but Annie isn't allowed in because girls weren't allowed at the original Olympic games. Will this stop Annie? Well if you know Annie at all, you know the answer! So for a fun trip back in time and a chance to spend a little time with a great character, read this book!

What character in a book would you like to be? Leave your answer in the comments section.
There are a ton of great books (and characters!) at the SSJCPL branch libraries. Visit one soon and meet some great characters!

I'm pretty darn lucky because when I was a kid, my parents brought me to the library every week....and let me check out as many books as I could carry!

So since today is my Mom's birthday, it's only right to say: Thanks, Mom.

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