Tuesday, August 5, 2014

She's Crafty | Saving Things

I don't know about you, but I like to save things I think might be useful for making other things. For instance, I've been known to save empty toilet paper rolls & paper towel rolls, pop-tops from soda cans (although they have changed over the years, haven't they?), and every kind of container you can think of, from my most prized hinged mint cans, through tall metal tea cans, to spice jars with shaker lids on them. And, a lot of other stuff too numerous to mention.

However, much to Malia's satisfaction (but you should see her stash), I have become a great deal more discerning in my urge to collect things with which to make other things. These days I no longer collect anything made of paper or cardboard (good-bye paper rolls and fancy boxes!), aluminum (goodbye pop-tops and cans!), plastic (good-bye anything with a nice, tight lid!) or glass (goodbye jelly jars and bottles of any sort!).

Now, I only save things for which I have a fairly immediate use. For example, Malia recently heard me say, "We are going to use these toilet paper rolls to make penguins at the library! Honest!" She replied, "Christmas is in December, mom." She just doesn't yet understand how far ahead we need to plan for craft programs at the library. And, I do have this list on my bulletin board at work:

Some Things to Save at Home for Future Programs at MH
*Old CDs and DVDs
*Old Puzzle Pieces (jewelry)
*Lids from Ketchup or Salad Dressing Bottles (pop-up kind)
*Twisty Ties (spider legs)
* Milk and Juice Cartons, rinsed out (with spouts and caps)

Who would have thought I'd actually get a job that would encourage my passion to save things? I must be in Heaven.

My coworker also had a special box on her desk in which she kept those shiny silver strips from deposit bags so we could use them for making things. She even used some for a craft program she did recently in honor of Ramadan and Eid (it was a hit!) We still have the box, full of strips, even though she's transferred to another library to work (we miss you!) Maybe I should send her another box so she can save strips at her new location for their craft programs. I think she might like that (or maybe not, we'll see.)

Reading all of this, you might think I'm one of those people who eventually wind up on that TV show about hoarders. But I'm not! I control my urges to collect useless junk! I have a discerning eye. I'm just a crafter, making use of opportunities that come my way to save things to make other things. It's part of what crafting is about.

Until we meet again, stay crafty and don't forget--check out some of the great crafting books we have at the library. There are lots of useful and fun things to make from things you save!

Kaye & Malia

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