Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ms. Suzy Reads | And Then Gets a Pie in the Face?!?

Greetings reading friends!

I like pie. I really like pie. I like just about any kind of pie, but banana cream is my all-time favorite. Or at least it was my all-time favorite until last Thursday around 3:45 pm.

You see, last Thursday around 3:45 pm we were celebrating the End of Summer Reading Party at the Cesar Chavez Central Library. Like a few other SSJCPL branches, we at the Chavez Library challenged our young readers to read a total of 2,500 books this summer. That's a lot, right? The deal was: read 2,500 books and two children will be randomly selected to throw pies into the faces of Craig Bronzan, our Interim Community Services Director, and me. 

Oh, I hate to admit this, but I was sure the nice children at the Chavez Library would take pity on me. I knew they would be reading all summer, because they ARE readers, after all. But I figured they would take pity on me and just forget to turn in their reading logs. You see, we counted the reading logs to see how many books were read by Chavez Library children.

Alas, the children at the Chavez Library did not read 2,500 books. No, they did not. They read 3,500! Yes, you read that correctly.

So last Thursday, Craig and I found ourselves enjoying our favorite banana cream pie in a very new -- and interesting -- way. In our faces! Here is one picture of the event. If you can't view the link, stay tuned! We'll have other pictures on the Library's Facebook page soon!

I would write about a great book today, but alas, I still have some banana cream pie in my eyes! Stay tuned. I'll be back next Tuesday with great book recommendations!

Until then, happy reading!


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