Saturday, November 16, 2013

Teens Only | If You Like a Good Puzzle...

This is the blog for you. I'm always reading reviews of teen books to find great things to read... and to of course recommend to you. So I came across a list of books that every teen should read. Gosh I don't like being told what I should read. So how about we call these books every teen should want to read. Better, right?
Back to my penchant for puzzles. I am not going to make this easy for you. I will give you some clues to each title, but I'm not going to tell you the title. You're all super smart, and you'll be able to figure out the titles with just a little keyword searching in the library catalog.
Are you ready?
Our first book features a girl named Cath who is feeling left out when her best friend no longer shares their love for a favorite celebrity. So she finds herself all alone in her first year of college, has to deal with a not-so-nice roommate, and constantly worries about her father.
Ok. Do you know what book I'm talking about? Go ahead. See if you can figure it out. Quick hint: If you use the girl's name in a word/phrase search, and perhaps another word from the description I just gave you, you'll probably find it. And by the way, it sounds great and I'll be reading it very soon.
This next one was first published in 1967 and is about three brothers who struggle to stay together after the deaths of their parents. This book was made into a movie starring Matt Dillon, Rob Lowe, and Tom Cruise. It's a great movie, and the book is even better. Do you know what the title is? Have you read it? If not, are you going to read it?
The last book in today's puzzle is by one of my favorite authors. This book is about a 16-year-old on trial for being an accomplice to murder. What's super cool about this book is that it is written in the form of a film script. It's a quick read that will really make you think. Do you know it?
Three books that are really great. If you're totally stumped, let me know by posting a comment. I'll respond soon.
In the meantime, happy reading!


  1. fan girl! fan girl! fan girl!

  2. You are correct, dear reader! What about the other 2?

  3. The Outsiders!

    I'm not sure about the last one...