Monday, November 11, 2013

Just Life | Spider Here, Spider There, Spiders Are Everywhere

Apparently spiders are taking over Stockton.

It is not even noon, and I have encountered four of them.

I have been wary of these creatures since one of my old co-workers got bitten by one. My co-workers' foot turned into a pillow for a couple of weeks and she had to take all sorts of medications for it.

Since I am not an arachnologist, I consider all of them armed and dangerous. 

This morning, I was half asleep, when I encountered my first spider. 

As soon as that spider noticed me, it started doing fast laps around my bathtub. 

That totally freaked me out, I tell you. So I called my husband for help but alas, he was just snoring away.

What a day!

Any way, Let's get familiar with a few of these monsters:

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This is the Brown Recluse. Its venom can cause serious tissue damage. Look closely. Do you see an upside down violin on its back? All I say is just stay away from it. This spider is about 1/4-3/4 of an inch long.

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This is the infamous Black Widow. It got its name because the female kills the male after mating. The venom of this black spider attacks the nervous system so, it can be deadly to children and elderly. The female Black Widow has a red dot under her belly. 

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This spider is called the Huntsman. It's bite is painful but not toxic. It's first two legs are longer than the others and they are hairy. This spider is about a 1/2 inch long. This thing is an Olympic runner so, put on some good running shoes before dealing with this guy.

Here are a few books for all those spider lovers out there:

Spiders and their kin

Black widows : deadly biters 

Insects, spiders, and other terrestrial arthropods 
Signing off until next Monday- The spider killer

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