Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Wanderlust Librarian | Road Tripping

I love to drive. There's nothing sweeter than the freedom to take my car and go wherever I please. In fact, as you read this, my car is taking a well deserved rest after taking me and my friends to Southern California. 

My car at its peak of cleanliness! 

Driving short distances (under 2-3 hours) is a snap. Driving longer distances either alone or with others, requires a little more finesse and planning. When planning for your road trip, consider these ideas: 

Get your car in shape! If you need to get an oil change because it's time, do it. If you need to replace that timing belt, do it. At the very least, top off your fluids at your local oil change place. There is nothing worse than the car breaking down when you're on your big adventure. 

The tunes are the thing: I love music. If you love music, make sure you have some tunes to carry you along on your journey! Make CD mixes or just have the proper cords to hook up your phone or music player to your car stereo. 

Get that reading in! The library has audiobooks to listen to when you don't want to listen to music. There is a great selection both on CDs and through our OverDrive e-audiobook system. 

Where are you going? I purchased a GPS for myself over 3 years ago thinking "as long as I have a map, I won't need this!". Boy, was I wrong! It's a handy co-pilot to have it when I'm in a new city or traveling to a new destination around a city I'm in. Always have addresses at the ready just in case you need to figure out where you're going and need to ask someone. 

Nibbles and eats: It's a proven fact that you'll get hungry on the road. I love to subscribe to the "camping snacks" option for road eating. Simply said, make or bring snacks that you could bring camping and not worry about. I love trail mix-ish type snacks, granola bars and water. It'll help to keep your energy level up and your mind alert while driving! 
Coffee is welcome in my car ANYtime! 

I'm not going to lie... I love coffee while I'm on the road.

Give yourself some time: Give yourself a cushioned span of time to travel so you don't rush and hurry. It causes stress and you won't enjoy your travel time as much. If online map says it'll take 5 hours, just tell yourself it'll really take 6 hours.  

Most of all... have a good time! Make sure you're well rested and prepared to travel. It really does come down to preparation to make your trip a smooth one! 

Find inspiration on the road this fall and check out one of these books: 

Back Roads California

National Geographic guide to scenic highways and byways

California's best trips : 35 amazing road trips

Automobile adventures are out there!

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  1. I agree with you, I love roadtrips. My husband and I are retired so we hop in the car whenever the spirit moves us. We may go to Southern California or up to Seattle (weather permitting). Continue to enjoy your travels.