Thursday, October 3, 2013

Book Bucket List | Library books about Libraries

So I've been reading my colleague's blogs about what they've found in books over the years.  My favorite so far was in Suzy's post about the boy's phone number with hearts all around it.  I love it, but imagine how sad she must have been once she realized she left the phone number in the book!  I hope she got up the courage to ask for it again.  

So I wanted to feature some books about libraries and bookstores and what happens behind the scenes.

Shelf Life by Jane Green is a memoir about Green's time spent working in a bookstore.  She uses her job to get back into the world after fighting a battle with cancer.

Free for All: Oddballs, geeks, and gangstas in the public library is written from the perspective Don Borchert, a library employee from his first days working a reference desk through his career.
Time was Soft There  by journalist Jeremy Mercer describes the time he spent work in Paris' famous bookstore Shakespeare & Co.  The bookstore has a long history and is known for letting then unknown, but later legendary writers live there in exchange for their work.  Mercer does the same, and has written about his experiences in this very well reviewed memoir.

The Borrower is a work of fiction by Rebecca Mekkai.  The story follows a children's librarian who reaches out to a boy who runs away, and makes the library his new home.

So if you're interested in the ongoing bookmark saga, and see what else happens at bookstores and libraries, you might want to browse through some of these titles too.

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  1. Love these book recommendations...and right on the heels of One Book, One San Joaquin which really celebrated books and reading. Can't wait to read the one about Shakespeare & Co.! Thank you!!