Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Learning | What Ate Your Homework?

Homework, my youngest son once whined, is worse than "something I think is REALLY boring." He said this shortly after he began attending kindergarten. He had a particularly difficult time sitting still long enough to do one worksheet.  

I remember one assignment that required him to count the number of doors and windows in his home. He didn't mind walking around and counting, but he was absolutely furious that he was expected to write those numbers down. (The nerve of some teachers!)

When I stumbled across this picture on, I thought of him.  I imagined him having a pair of scissors handy, to shred the offending piece of paper.  Unfortunately, I don't think most teachers will accept a "scissors ate my homework" excuse.

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SSJCPL has a surprisingly long list of titles about things that ate homework

I would like to draw your attention to one of the newest chapter books for Grades 3-6, Patrick Jennings' My Homework Ate My Homework

The main character, Zaritza, was, shall we say, in need of a little extra credit for her math grade. That's the reason she agreed to take care of Bandito, the class pet--even though she did not really like ferrets much, and she had other things on her mind, like getting a good part in the school play.  

As you might have guessed from looking at the cover picture, this is a funny book, and things did not go exactly as planned.  

In fact, the story began at the ending, when Zaritza told her teacher that Bandito escaped. I have to admit, the explanation for that dialog was not what I expected.  

Check it out! You'll enjoy it.

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