Monday, August 19, 2013

Just Life| Adventures of Tintin

I love Tintin. When I was a kid, I inherited a bunch of Tintin books from a friend of my dad. I felt so lucky to receive them.

So who is Tintin you might ask? He is the hero in the Adventures of Tintin book series.

He is a young reporter with funky yellow hair.  In each book, Tintin embarks on a new adventure. This kid has a knack for solving problems, fighting bandits and saving his friends. I am telling you, he is just that cool.

Tintin books are full of cool illustrations and funny conversations to keep your kid interested. 

Tintin is not alone in his adventures. He has his dog, Milou (Snowy in the English translation) and his good friend Captain Haddock in tow.

Captain Haddock is a blast. He swears a lot and he drinks a tiny bit too much, but he is my favorite character in the book. I think Captain Haddock is the reason why Tintin's books are shelved in the Teen area at Chavez.

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Here are a few books from this serie that you can find in the library:

The adventures of Tintin. The blue lotus

The adventures of Tintin : Tintin in America

Prisoners of the sun (this one is one of my favorite)

I should introduce Tintin to my kid.  I hope she is going to like him as much as I do. 
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